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P2PE and PIN Debit keys can be securely injected into devices during the deployment process. Our secure key injection room is fully PCI compliant and certified.
Keep your applications up to date using a variety of application distribution tools. All devices are preloaded with our proprietary download client that supports multiple applications and customer specific parameter information. Our TMS can reside in cloud on or can be hosted locally at your data center. Our cloud based terminals also support Google Play Store and third party application management and distribution tools like HockeyApp. We make sure that you are easily able to keep your devices compliant to the latest industry standards and provide enhancements that make your solutions future proof.
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Our deployment center provides complete terminal life cycle management. Devices can be preconfigured with applications and customer specific information and tested before being shipped. We make sure that your devices arrive at customer locations ready to go right out of the box. Devices returned from the field are fully tested to make sure they still perform to original specifications. If any issues are found, the devices can be locally repaired and refurbished to like new conditions. Our cloud based asset management system allows you to constantly track the status of your solutions during shipping, repair, and refurbishment activities.

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